You Don't Have to Weather the Storm Alone

You Don't Have to Weather the Storm Alone

Get help with storm damage repairs in Dayton, OH

In the Dayton, OH area, the winds, rain and hail associated with thunderstorms can be brutal. If your roof has recently suffered storm damage, turn to H&J Better Builders for prompt roof repairs.

Make sure your roof can weather this storm and the next one. Get a storm damage consultation today.

3 signs you need storm damage repairs

If you were out of town or slept through a storm, you may not be aware of your roof damage. How do you know if you need roof repair services?

You should call a professional right away if you notice any of these signs of roof damage:

  1. Dents or dings on your shingles, flashing or gutters
  2. Missing, cracked or curling shingles
  3. Discolored spots on your ceiling

Find the calm after the storm. Call 937-838-3720 now to schedule roof services in the Dayton, OH area.